By Chance

Take this downTurn it aroundI am water underneath a bridgeSo? What do I know?Getting here must be a privilegeShould say something meaningfulIf at allJust to fill the airOr, believe I adore youLove you if I dareBy chanceWhen I turn out the lightI’m finding the right lineBy chanceI could put this to right not in the […]

Is It Any Wonder

Turn me downTo the groundI want to feel the coolness on my faceLie me downShow me howI can begin to hold you endlesslyI don’t sleepSo I don’t dream of leavingAnd when I wake I face the nightAnd I don’t speakI listen to the breathingI sometimes think I hear my fateSo is it any wonderThat I’m […]

Take Me Home

Take me home, take me homeI know another place to beTake me home, take me homeYou deserve a girl like meCome on I know somewhereYou can unwindWe can just disappearNow’s the timeTake me home, take me homeOnly fair I get my wayTake me home, take me homeOh it’s going to happen anywayI know what’s good […]

Leave The Others Alone

Black and goldA safe combinationHeaviness sets the seed for the next generationYou say we’re so alikeWell, I wouldn’t want to liveOn the differenceNo, I wouldn’t want to liveOn the differenceSitting down at 10.000 feetNothing’s artificialIt shouldn’t be a wordI live on my dreamsWell, I’d never do anything to make them happenNo, I’d never do anything […]

Get Over You

Eye-eye-eye-ahEye-eye-eye-ahEye-eye-eye-ahEye-eye-eye-ahEye-eye-eye-ahEye-eye-eye-ahEye-eye-eye-ahEye-eye-eye-ah You think you’ve got your wayBut baby there’s a catchDon’t need your foul playNow you have met your matchYou think you’re in controlBut that won’t last that longYou thought you wore the crownHoney, you were wrong You had me taken inBut now I’ve found you outAnd I won’t go through that againYou’ve always had […]