Breaking Me Down

LET IT GOHow far will a falling star take meHow far can I go can I goGotta be what the nightmare made meGotta be gotta be what I seeJump clear of the falling parts from meHow far will they go will they goCan’t give what you need from me babyJust let it go Bringing me […]

Need To Feel

Tell me what you want to be, and I’ll take you thereTell me where you want to be, and I’ll take you thereTell me how you want to feel, don’t keep it from meTell me how it outta be through more than a stareShow me what you wanna be, don’t hide it from meShow me […]


Take your time take all your time babyC’monTake your time take it anytimeRaise the line raise the line everytimeC’monRaise the lineRaise it above my mindEverything that stains me and breaks meIt’s just a gut reaction trapped in this aggressive action I: Rise: Everything is right here color me unsoldEverything is right here inside Take the […]

Black 7

All felt is good hereAll felt is just fineLike a rapture waiting to dine on the divine It moves across me and sets me freeOpen oh so gently Loss of time is felt hereBurning brick in my mindLike a cancer growing in the minds of the divine Don’t roll me overCant help these things I […]


I’m the man,I’m the king,I’m the oneThat’s pure insideEveryday,everyway I smell of suicideBitter sins how they grow withinSo you tell me it ain’t right I AM…ALL SINSAnd you’re my reason for life I will stone you,stone youWrap my arms around you I will stone you,stone you My little HALO I’m the man,I’m the king,I’m the […]