Bottom Feeder

So little of what seems to beIs ever really thereSo much of what’s here I resentI am a demagogueBorn of eternal flawForever just a memory my friendSo when I disappearShe will still be hereSifting my remains through the ashes She’s not ordinaryShe’s just like me But there is something wrong Inside of me that saysThat […]

Me Against Me

I will not forget the day when the sides were chosenMe against me against…meClothing so drenched with sweatand the teeth they were clenchedWho can I trust when I… Grabbed hold my enemy’s neckand choked ’till he ceasedBlistered with disbelief I awake deadAnd when I awoke I couldn’t believe it was meAll the time it was […]

Know What It Means

Remember what its like to me you?To be youRemember what its like to be me?To be meAll that I see these eyes in my dreamsThese thought police coming for me Do you know what it means What it means to be freeDo you know what it meansTo be free? (me)Neither do INeither do we Do […]

Shelter Me

Shelter meWith mercury vialsEscape is the machine toShelter meWith media tabletsWe’ll turn today into a-DreamMore dosesMore screensMore vials to Shelter meWith sweet escapeI’m looking for a place to run toTo hide inside Silence mePrescribe me your cancerIf I will disappearYou’ll-Silence meI’ll welcome the virus If you can promise this-DreamMore dosesMore screensMore vials to Don’t bother […]

Salem's Suburbs

They put on disguises today To hide the scarlet lettersThat each of us has put so far away In this which trialModern day Despite this it seems that the powers beHave decided who I amAnd who I will be Who I am who I’ll beHas been decided for meAnd they don’t even know me As […]