Baby I Would

[Verse 1]Would I walk through fire just to be you, be with you babyWould I cross an ocean just to hold you, yeaWould I give up all I have to see you smile, to see you smileWould I walk through hell and not think twice [Chorus]Baby I wouldBaby I willBaby I’ll do that gladlyBe all […]


Who says a man’s not suppose to beSensitiveI’m keeping the faith that you still love me Girl I know there’s something wrongAnd something strange is going onAnd no matter what I doWanna can’t break through Girl I need to understandCuz you won’t give me answersHow can I help youIf you don’t want me to I […]


She’s a special girl With her own money, job, and credit cards A sexy girl You better be careful or she’ll pull your card In this world You wont find any like her standing around And I want a girl like her And I need a girl like her Girl A pretty girl A lovely […]

Take Me Under

I want you to close your eyes And fall into a deep trance And when I count to three You’ll wake up, and be mine I like it…like it I love it…love it I know you… Know you you I love it when you take me down, down under your spell My mind is suffocated […]

All For Love"

All for love, babyGirl what I do, I’ll do it for youAll for love, babyBaby, my love, it’s all for you Oo-oh (All for love)Oo-oh-oh (All for love)Oo-oh (All for love)Oo-oh-oh Girl, you’re the only one I’d ever love and needCause when you’re here with meYou make me feel completeGirl, it’s too hard to swallowTo […]