the pinch one inch half a head and half dead nopain no gain there’s a million voices in my brain it’slike a game of hide and seek and i play every day iclose my eyes and i count to ten one two three andeverybody runs away i’m in a bad way it’s such abad way […]

Hold On To Me

we’re the same and you don’t even know itwe’re afraid and we try not to show it and you’retired and i am too so there’s only one thing youcan do you’ve got to hold me and tell me whatyou need don’t be afraid of what you’ re feelingwhen you know me then i’ll never want […]

Now I Can Die

he takes me everywhere he goes and he goes everywhere helikes to try on all my clothes but not my underwear and henever hates me just wants to levitate me now i know thesecret of the world i am the girl and he is the guy i never daredto be simple and wise he opened […]

Hate Your Way

i hate your way i don’t care what you say i hateyour way i don’t care and i ‘m only half there so idon’t care they can cut me down ’til i’m the talk ofthe town i’m a fool for you had to sell my soul butyou were so rock and roll i’m a fool […]

Fade To Black

and it feels like a movie ’cause i’ve donesomething heavy now i’m all alone and you know ilike it well i wish i was older i could hold my liquorthen i ‘d blow your cover instead of my own’cause there’s nothing i can do to prove that istill love you and i think i hear […]