Scream a.k.a. Itchin’

Music..Huh, huh.. ohhh..Huh, huh.. ohhh..Huh, huh.. ohhh.. I met him in the Bahamas, I love that nigga per-sonaSmoke that nigga marijuana, get freaky call me MadonnaLay on the bed he follow, bone him until to-morrahMake him sing high sopran-ah, AHHHHHHHH!!Fifty-fo’-fifty-fifty, Mr. Act-Super-KinkyBaby what you gon’ get me, is some rings for my lil’ pinkieMoney will […]

Hot Boyz (remix)

Missy Misdemeanor Elliott:This is for my ghetto mother fuckers. uh. Hey. Are you really a hot boy? Hot boy? Uh, uh. Uh check me. Nas:Uh, forty side felony. Felony, misdemeanor. We’re charged with murder. Escobar C-V-R fights. I’m switchin’ gears headlights, shine so bright. Bitches freeze like deers. Them friends want that deep boy, feds […]

Hot Boyz

[Missy]This is for my ghetto motherfuckersUh hey, are you really a hot boy?Oh, check me [Lil’ Mo]What’s your name, cause I’m impressedCan you treat me good, I won’t settle for lessYou a hot boy, a rock boyA fun toy, tote a glock boyWhere you live, is it by yourselfCan I move wit’ you, do you […]

Missy’s Finale

Yo, you have come almost to the close of my albumbut before I go I just wanna thank God for staying with methrough my ups and downs and through my whole periodof doing this album, I want to thank Timbaland who came up withthe beats and all the people who appeared on my albumMake it […]

Friendly Skies

Missy: Yeah A little slow jam Kiss me Hold meThe weatherman says it’s gonna beCold tonightWhatever manWhatever whatever whatever whatever whateverWhatever man you wanna doI’ll be the pilotDon’t miss your flight I’m stewardess of the planeFeel the turbulence and maintainPlease refrain stay in your seatsUntil we reach the game I’m stewardess of the planeFeel the […]