Smooth Chick

Party Time (Uh uh)Uh (Say what?)Uh huh (Yo)Uh (Say what)Uh huh, uh huhUh Uh (What)Uh huh (One more)Uh (Yo, yo bring it to me) Come here baby, let me blow your mindI’mma spit shine like turpentineI love niggas, all different kindsI’mma show you all how to work the spineIf you a playa then you sure […]

Higher Ground

Mmmhmmmm.. mmmmmm..Ohh yea yea yeaOhhhh.. mmmm-mmmhmmmmI’m movin.. higher ground.. (Ohh) I’m movin on (mmhmm) can’t nothin stop me now(Mmm-yeah) I’m pressin on (higher ground) to higher ground(MMMM!) Each step I take (oooooh) is a new dawning of(Ohh, oh-ohh) A brand new day (higher ground) for higher ground Obstacles and situations, people places and thingsI must […]

I'm Talkin

Verse One: Nigga, waz up?You think you tough, I’m fly shitHas a bitch, dope as fuckSho nuff I’m guaranteed, no diggitiesFight you like the fucking enemiesYou would think there’s fucking ten of meWhen I’m sending theseBlows, blows, hoes want to roll like hydroWhen I suck Timbaland’s bone like you (barking in the background)Fido, I go […]

Get Ur Freak On

(Kore-kara minna-de mechakucha odotte sawago-sawago) Headbanger.. hit me, hit me, hit me, hit meYeah.. gimme some new shitYeah.. gimme some new shitYeah.. gimme some new shitYeah.. gimme some new shit [Missy]Missy be puttin it down, I’m the hottest roundI told y’all mother(*skurt*), y’all can’t stop me nowListen to me now, I’m lastin twenty roundsAnd if […]

Best Friends

VERSE 1: My best friend say She sick of me cryin on the phone Tellin how the Men are doggin meMy best friend say Don’t tell her nothin bout me can you girl She ain’t showin me no sympathyMy best friend say If she was me she’d let you go long long time agoMy best […]