Beep Me 911

[Timbaland]Say what, say what?Say what, say what?Say what, say what? Missy, bring it in [Missy]Why you played on me?Wasn’t I good enough for you?(Wasn’t I good enough)All those other girls you’ve been withCan’t do like I do (Do, do)Gave you all my doughWhen you needed it all the timeAnd if you planning on leavin’ me […]

Bus-A-Bus Interlude

[Busta Rhymes]Eh-hee-eh-hehehe, eheheheheYes indeed, YES INDEED out this motherfuckerBack with the right foot steppin in firstand the left foot steppin in afterI go by the divine attribute, of Bus-A-Bust-Down-Some’nOtherwise known as Busta-motherfuckin-Rhymes out this bitchYknahmean? Cause when I’m in the spot [rapping]I let a bitch start kissin upAnd muh’fuckers love the way that I be […]

Busa Rhyme

[Missy] Slim Shady (4X) [Eminem]Well I do pop pills, I keep my tube socks filledand pop the same shit that got Tupac killedSpit game to these hoes, like a soap opera episodeand punch a bitch in the nose, til her whole face explodesThere’s three things I hate: girls, women and bitchesI’m that vicious to walk […]

Izzy Izzy Ahh

Verse One: I pulls up in my strech,I let my homegirls flex my 9-8close and closer they follow in my Limo,playin’ cd’sof when I used to HeeeHee totally in my ass cheecksthey sweat these beets,for any kinda jeeps,you know howI is,so freakin’ hot that I siz,Geewiz,get my clothes taylored like I’m Liz,Miz,I’m commin’ for your […]

She's A Bitch

To the M-I prrrrrrrr, cat like a semiNigga stole my car, why’nt you get myGive yo’ ass a black eyeOh, say bye-byeI’mma give your body to the skyRun through your cliqueNigga, you pissed on tripI’mma have to bust you in your lipsAnd the whips better have a whole lotta chipsCuz I ain’t for no nigga […]