Now/At The Party

Now I knowNow I foundNow I feel just like thisSo unitedNow I feel somethin’ special(ohh, mmm)I can’t even describe it to ya (let’s try not to let the negative erupt, keep it rockin’)Keep it rockin’ babe, you don’t stop babe(when i’d much rather watch my people movin’ it up, at the party) Yeah, party Now […]


[Verse1:] Never seen a sun shine like this Never seen the moon glow like this Never seen the waterfalls like this Never seen the lights off like this Never dug anyone like this Never had tasty lips to kiss Never had someone to miss Never wrote a song quite like this [Chorus:] Fortunate to have […]


I was reborn when I was brokenI wouldn’t believe, I wouldn’t believe, nobeen thru a storm, no use in hopingthat you would come rescue mesomehow your love set me free And I, I can let my life pass me byor I can get down and trywork it all out this lifetimework it on out this […]


(Yeah, look at you)Look at youYou look fineHow do you doBeen a while since alone in your room (room)Been around, but haven’t foundNo one like you (no one like you)Don’t you know girlThere’s no one like you And you hear meHear my emotions creep slowlyHear with your heart, babyDon’t speakNow with your soul tell meSilently […]


Uh ah oohooh Back when I was 4 or 3clouds came rushing round into my sunshineclouds got a hold of me they brought me way, way downclouds so my baby believed but you were not around So now what you trying to bewhat you trying to, trying to do to meyou got me catching feelings […]