Angel With The Scabbed Wings

he is the angel with the scabbed wingshard-drug face, want to powder his nosehe will deflower the freshest cropdry up all the wombswith his rock and roll soresdeadis what he is, he does what he pleasethe things that he has you’ll never want to seewhat you’re never gonna be nowsketch a little keyholefor looking-glass peopleyou […]

I Don’t Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me)

I don’t like the drugs but the drugs like meI don’t like the drugs, the drugs, the drugsNorm life baby, we’re white and oh so hetero and our sex is missionaryNorm life baby, we’re quitters and we’re sober, our confessions will beTelevised You and I’re underdosed and we’re ready to fallRaised to be stupidTaught to […]

Born Again

Do you or don’t you want this to be your song?It doesn’t take a rebel to sing along. This art is weakin its pretty frameand I am a monkey witha misspelled name"I’ll put down you discoand take you heart away.I’ll put down you discoand take your heart away"I am born again I’m someone elseI’m someone […]

Burning Flag

They want to sell it outbut it updumb it downa good god is hard to findI’ll join the crowd thatwants to see me deadright now I feel I belongfor the first time multiply your deathdivide by sexadd up the violence andwhat do you get?We are all just stars and we’re waitingwe are all just scarred […]

President Dead

this is for the people, they want youthis is for the people, they want yougetting high on violence, baby President Dead is cluelessand he’s caught in a headlight, police-stated godand his skull is stained glass incubated and jet setthe bitter thinkers buy their ticketsto go find god like a piggy in a fair and we […]