Its 2:11 and I’m stressingWatching TV in my hotel suiteI check my service every secondAt 2:10 you still hadn’t called meSo I’m gonna leave my cellphoneTurned on in my purse by the bedAnd before I fall asleepI guess I’ll just check my machineAgain and again because I’mObsessing on you Chorus:I wanna be your babydollWrap me […]

Can’t Take That Away

MmmmhWhoaaa They can say, Anything they want to say,Try to bring me down,But I will not allow anyone to succeed hanging clouds over me,And they can try How to make me feel that I, Don’t matter at all,But I refuse to falter in what I believe or loose faith in my dreams ‘Cause there’s, There’s […]

Can’t Let Go

there you are,holding her handi am lost,dying to understanddidnt i,cherish u rightdont u know,u were my life. CHORUS:even though i try,i cant let gosomething in your eyes captures my souland everynight i see you in my dreamsyou’re all i knowi cant let go VERSE 2:just cast aside,u dont even know i’m aliveu just walk on […]

And You Don’t Remember

Shattered dreamsCut through my mindTragically our love has diedMemories confine my headBitterly I face the end TrustinglyI gave my soul to youI let you insideBelieving your lies [Chorus:]And you don’t rememberEvery time you told meYou were mine foreverFor eternityAnd you don’t rememberHow you used to hold meHow we’d melt togetherHow you needed meHow we used […]


VERSE 1When you love someone so deeplyThey become your lifeIt’s easy to succumb to overwhelming fears insideBlindly I imaged I couldKeep you under glassNow I understand to hold youI must open my handsAnd watch you rise CHORUS 1Spread your wings and prepare to flyFor you have become a butterflyFly abandonedly into the sunIf you should […]