Come on foolAw…aw…aw drop that shitStraight comin’ at ya, punkThe greatest side is critical when digging on my conceptRhythms keep on building like smokeGot’cha running from the lawMaybe it’s that low end smothered with the freestyleMaybe it’s the thought of being on the bottom of the pileStyle’s bound to the sky linesKeep ’em on the […]

Don’t Go Off Wandering

Everyday is nothing but stress to me Constantly dwellin on how you got the best of meWanna know somethin I cant believe the way you keep testin me and mentally molestin me But would you think any less of meif I said that i’d be therewould you think any less of me if I said […]

Nobody Loves Me

Shut upI’m so sick of them deadlinesI cannot stand why them maniacs are in them headlinesAnd even though I don’t’ know yaThrough my lyrics I’ll show yaThe sanity’s overCuz people say I’m bugged outIt’s my business, stay the fuck outAll I know is that the beat goes on and on (beat goes on)And will be […]

Nobody Like You

I’m convinced that you hate meYou like to see me cryIts already a proven factAnd you wait and wait on me to dieIts all scaryI find it hard to confideI want you to see it my wayYou giveI takeYou sayYou want to be away from me [Chorus]You make meI’ve got a reason and I want […]

Show Me What You Got

keepin it realworld wide babylimp bizkits in the houseso bring it oni’d like to dedicate this song to youfor makin my dreams come truefor the millinumare you ready?then get the fuck upWhere you at Jacksonville, Rochester., Louisville, Columbia, Hartford, Milwaukee, and Lewiston Maine? where you at Providence, Nashville, Memphis, Lauderdale, Portland, Orlando, Chicago, and Frisco? […]