I came into this world as a reject Look into these eyesThen you’ll see the size of these flamesDwellin on the pastIts burnin’ up my brainEveryone that burns has to learn from the painHey I think about the dayMy girlie ran away with my payWhen fellas come to playNo she stuck with my homeez that […]

Hot Dog

ladies and gentlemen introducing the chocolate starfish and the hot dog-flavored water bring it on get the fuck up yeah check one,two listen up listen up here we go it’s a fucked up world a fucked up place everybody’s judged by their fucked up face fucked up dreams fucked up life a fucked up kid […]

N 2 Gether Now

[Fred:] Who can be the boss? Look up to the cross Stranded in the land of the lost Standin up, I’m sideways I’m blazin’ up the path Runnin on the highways of rap Choked up by the smoke and the charcoal Lava stamps and brands me like a barcode I’m Dashin all the meteor strikes […]

Indigo Flow

Yo what upGot Christian and Dino in the houseFear Factory actionKick off this new joint here for all my homiesSeparating the true breedsMy friends and my familyHad the vision when the bounds now it’s blowing upProps to the Field DogWith the funk through the campaignGold records and ChampaignEverlast for the tour on St. Patty’sChino, man […]


Just think about it Lately I’ve been skepticalSilent when I would used to speakDistant from all around mewho witness me fail and become weakLife is overwhelmingHeavy is the head that wears the crownid love to be the one to disappoint you when I don’t fall down [Pre chorus]but you don’t understand when I’m attempting to […]