Freakin’ me out you wear a mask called counterfeit, you’re freakin’ me out you wear a mask – [5x]Freakin’ me out you wear a mask called counterfeit, you’re freakin’ me out you wear a…fakeHey man wake up and smell the concreteStrange to see you’ve changed like the LBCould be identity crisis but I can’t buy […]

Livin' It Up

this is dedicated to you ben stiller you are my favorite mother fucker i told you,didn’t i drama makes the world go around does anybody got a problem with that (yeah) my business, is my business who’s guilty, can i get a witness first things first, chocolate starfish my man fred durst access hollywood license […]

Getcha Groove On

millenium shit limp bizkit x to the z yeah bringin’ it live to you and yours ladies and gentlemen my homeboy yo! get at ’em, dog you don’t want to fuck with me today ’cause a little somethin’ somethin’ didn’t go your way so try not to be like that today ’cause i’m a real […]

A Lesson Learned

This pain in my stomach wont go away. I assume this is punishment from all the mistakes ive made. In a world where my actionsspeak louder than words. In a world where my actions speak louder than words I know more people than ever before. One lesson ive learned from it all. Fortune and fame […]


A city of canvasI’m thinking I’ve been there beforeYou know something, I live in this pig pen this filthy pig pen next doorAnother pictureMy aroma, stick that nose up in the airIs that the excuse you use to ruin meI need to get you outta my wayPack your bags you punk, get the fuck outta […]