Biznite… Biznite…Nothing but it I’m dippin’ in a black milleny benny sittin on twentysTop off when the city’s windy me and pretty CindyShe dressed up in pretty Fendi and she sippin remyI’m Iceburg nuttin but whenny all the way to my tinnyI’m hotter than a semi’ cause this girl she and plus my head is […]


[Verse 1]The streets make the hustlasHustlas make the world go roundThe world is made of keys, ounces and poundsThe keys, ounces and pounds is made from hustlasSee how shit come back round for yaGotta cop it, chop it and cook itSee how shit come back round for yaGotta kick in the oven now watch it […]

Respect Us

[Lil’ Wayne]What what whatWhat what whatWhat what whatListen, listenWhen.. I come through.. bustin’Everybody on.. tha block be.. run-nin’Weezy Wayne, Hot Boy, I.. be.. thug-gin’Got.. them.. things.. ten up, keep.. hustlin’Catch me at tha shop, I will.. be.. thereAnd my prices stay low, I keep.. it.. thereAnd if you want it raw, I got.. it.. right.. […]


[Lil Wayne]CheckHuhWhat?What?Let’s go, nigga (Where you at, Wheezy?) You liable to catch me speedin’ up the six, or beatin’ up a chick or standin’ over a stove, sweatin’, heatin’ up a brickAnd we keep the hustlin’ slick, and got clips like bananasWe twist the bandanas, and spit at niggas with cannonsWe ran in habitats with […]

Grown Man

Dawg you gotta feel me on this oneWhat it be like dawg, I’m on some some adope grown up type shitlook who I be around nigga, look who I been around niggaGeezy, Juve and turk, B and Slim dawg pay attention dawg [Verse 1]Age is nothin but some digits nigga trust me on thisCas I […]