[Chorus: Fundisha – repeat 4X]They’re playing basketballWe love that basketball [Lil’ Bow Wow]Yeah, now basketball is my favorite sportI love the way they dribble up and down the courtI keep it so fresh on the microphoneI like no interruption when the game is onI like slam dunk, to take me to the hoopMy favorite play […]

Bow Wow (That’s My Name)

[Lil’ Bow Wow]Uh, sayUh, uh, say (My name is)Say, bow wow wowUh, uh, bow wow (Yeah)Uh, uh, Snoop Dogg (Bow wow) Yeah, uh, my name is, Hair nappy but I’m happy pocket full of doeFrom the C-O representin’ So SoThe girls recognize in these niggas do toI’m the flyest they walkin’ through junior high schoolSo […]

Bounce With Me

[JD](Lil Bow Wow)Uh-huh, yo(Oh, oh)Uh-huh, yo(Uh-huh, oh, oh)Uh-huh, yo(Bounce, bounce)See around here(Uh-huh, uh, huh-uh)I make things that make y’all bounceYa know?Heh, ya know what I mean?(Yeah, yeah)Left to right, right to left(Uh-huh, uh-huh)It’s So So Def(Yeah uh)And uh it’s going downYa know what I mean?(Yeah)My man Bow Wow(Bow Wow, yeah hear me now)Yeah ya heard?(Check […]

Take Ya Home

From the C-O to across the seasI’m guaranteed to everybody bounce w/ meBeen known to put it down anyplace I beYou can copy but it’s only gon’ be one meI don’t ride in no cars if the man come ??14/ I don’ started up a whole epidemicLook, ya’ll know what I’m talkin aboutEver since I […]

Thank You

[Lil Bow Wow]If You ever bought a tape,purchased a cd or a piece of vital,dj’ed my record, promoted my record I wanna thank yall man from the bottom of my heart.Secondly,I wanna dedicate this song to yall man cause without yall there would’nt be no me.{verse 1}I can never turn my back on yall,cause yall […]