Closing Time

Ah we’re drinking and we’re dancingAnd the band is really happeningAnd the Johnny Walker wisdom running highAnd my very sweet companionShe’s the Angel of CompassionShe’s rubbing half the world against her thighAnd every drinker every dancerLifts a happy face to thank herThe fiddler fiddles something so sublimeAll the women tear their blouses offAnd the men […]

Hunter's Lullaby

Your father’s gone a-huntingHe’s deep in the forest so wildAnd he cannot take his wife with himHe cannot take his child. Your father’s gone a-huntingIn the quicksand and the clayAnd a woman cannot follow himAlthough she knows the way. Your father’s gone a-huntingThrough the silver and the glassWhere only greed can enterBut spirit, spirit cannot […]

Humbled In Love

Do you remember all of those pledgesThat we pledged in the passionate nightAh they’re soiled now, they’re torn at the edgesLike moths on a still yellow lightNo penance serves to renew themNo massive transfusions of trustWhy not even revenge can undo themSo twisted these vows and so crushed. And you say you’ve been humbled in […]

Chelsea Hotel Nº 2

I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel,You were talking so brave and so sweet,Giving me head on the unmade bed,While the limousines wait in the street.Those were the reasons and that was New York,We were running for the money and the flesh.And that was called love for the workers in songProbably still is for […]

Is This What You Wanted

You were the promise at dawn,I was the morning after.You were Jesus Christ my Lord,I was the money lender.You were the sensitive woman,I was the very reverend Freud.You were the manual orgasm,I was the dirty little boy. And is this what you wantedto live in a house that is hauntedby the ghost of you and […]