Dance Me To The End Of Love

Dance me to your beauty with a burning violinDance me through the panic ’til I’m gathered safely inLift me like an olive branch and be my homeward doveDance me to the end of loveDance me to the end of love. Oh let me see your beauty when the witnesses are goneLet me feel you moving […]

I Came So Far For Beauty

I came so far for beautyI left so much behindMy patience and my familyMy masterpiece unsignedI thought I’d be rewardedFor such a lonely choiceAnd surely she would answerTo such a very hopeless voiceI practiced all my sainthoodI gave to one and allBut the rumours of my virtueThey moved her not at allI changed my style […]


I touched you once too oftenNow I don’t know who I amMy fingerprints were missingWhen I wiped away the jam. Yes I called my fingerprints all nightBut they don’t seem to careThe last time that I saw themThey were leafing through your hair. Fingerprints, fingerprintsWhere are you now my fingerprints?. Yeah I thought I’d leave […]

A Bunch Of Lonesome Heroes

A bunch of lonesome and very quarrelsome heroes Were smoking out along the open road; The night was very dark and thick between them, Each man beneath his ordinary load. ‘I’d like to tell my story,’ Said one of them so young and bold, ‘I’d like to tell my story, Before I turn into gold.’ […]

Don’t Go Home With Your Hard-on

I was born in a beauty salonMy father was a dresser of hairMy mother was a girl you could call onWhen you called she was always there. When you called she was always thereWhen you called she was always thereWhen you called she was always thereWhen you called she was always there. Ah but don’t […]