I'm Your Man

If you want a loverI’ll do anything you ask me toAnd if you want another kind of loveI’ll wear a mask for youIf you want a partnerTake my handOr if you want to strike me down in angerHere I standI’m your man. If you want a boxerI will step into the ring for youAnd if […]

I Can't Forget

I stumbled out of bedI got ready for the struggleI smoked a cigaretteAnd I tightened up my gutI said this can’t be meMust be my doubleAnd I can’t forget, I can’t forgetI can’t forget but I don’t remember what. I’m burning up the roadI’m heading down to PhoenixI got this old addressOf someone that I […]

Love Calls You By Your Name

You thought that it could never happenTo all the people that you became,Your body lost in legend, the beast so very tame.But here, right here,Between the birthmark and the stain,Between the ocean and your open vein,Between the snowman and the rain,Once again, once again,Love calls you by your name. The women in your scrapbookWhom you […]

Be For Real

Are you back in my life to stayOr is it just for todayOh that you’re gonna need me?If it’s a thrill you’re looking forHoney, I’m flexible. Oh, yeah. Just be for real won’t you, BabyBe for real oh, BabyYou see I, I don’t want to be hurt by love again So you see I’m not […]

I Left A Woman Waiting

I left a woman waitingI met her sometime laterShe said, I see your eyes are deadWhat happened to you, lover?What happened to you, my lover?What happened to you, lover?What happened to you?. And since she spoke the truth to meI tried to answer truthfullyWhatever happened to my eyesHappened to your beautyHappened to your beautyWhat happened […]