Creatures Of The Night

Searching in the darkness, running from the day Hiding from tomorrow, nothing left to say Victims of the moment, future deep in doubt Living in a whisper till we start to shout We’re creatures of the night, we’re creatures of the night Breathing in the madness, spitting out the lies Searching for an answer, keep […]

Childhood's End

I lived a life of illusion and you had your kicks So what, there’s nothing left to doAnd you and your obsessions and your crucifixAs if what I thought mattered much to you And you were always my friendfrom Childhood’s EndIt was forever and everDid you understand It’s Childhood’s EndBut never, the dream is over […]

It Never Goes Away

Want itYou can have it Come and take it I don’t need it Power and possessions Never quiet your obsessions Outside, we search for somethingInside, we still have nothing People deep in trouble Let their money run for doubleOutside, they search for somethingInside, they still have nothingIt never ends There’s nothing I can do There’s […]

I Walk Alone

I know deep inside of meThere’s a place but it’s not plain to seeI belong, where no one else can be I’m searching for myself again And here I’m all alone and whenI close my eyes, no one else can see I Walk Alone, can’t you see?I don’t belong, Let me beEverything I dreamed of […]

Keep Me Comin'

I know what you’re like, you’re not sleepin’ at night I know you’re losing control, I know your plans Where you’re keeping your hands, I know it’s taking its toll Sweet little innocent girl, making your way in this world Something you’re feeling tonight tells you what’s wrong and what’s right You gotta keep me […]