Strange Ways

Well, it’s a strange wayThe way you look at meAnd it’s a hard timeTime you been givin’Open up to meSo you can realizeThat I could set you freeStrange ways, twisted daysStrange ways, twisted daysWell, it’s a strange placeThat you’ve been livin’ inAnd it’s a strange lineYou’ve been deliverin’I think I like itBut I’m not really […]

Take It Off

Well my mind is gettin’ dirty yeaharound eleven thirty, uh huhI wanna watch some asses shakin’to the noise the boys are makin’, uh huhOoh, so I hop into my car,hit the local titty bar, uh huh‘Cause that’s my kind of situation when I need some perspiration, uh huhI do my one-step shoppin’ for the girl […]

Seduction Of The Innocent

He always wears his bible beltThe collar under his head It’s like a noose around his neckHis sandaled feet don’t touch the ground Ears don’t hear a sound Seduction Of The Innocent Everybody thinks there’s always a reason Need a reason to cryYou kiss the hand of the man for all seasons And don’t know […]

Goin' Blind

And I know how it should beThere is nothing more for you and ISome are young and some are freeBut I think I’m goin’ blind‘Cause, I think I’m goin’ blindAnd I know how it’s to be, yeahLittle lady, can’t you seeYou’re so young and so much different than II’m 93, you’re sixteenCan’t you see I’m […]

Saint And Sinner

I’m getting off this carousel, you can do as you please,you can go to hell You put my back against the wall Well I’m not gonna fall on my knees, no not at all So you’re a saint, I’m a sinner, but deuces are wild Better wake up, it’s break up, I ain’t got the […]