Baby Driver

Peter Criss, Stan Penridge Go baby driverBeen drivin’ on down the roadOh, what a riderCarryin’ such a heavy loadDon’t ever need to know directionDon’t need no tow, food, gas, no moreGo baby driverDon’t want to sleep aloneOoh, what a riderPush that pedal to the floor, yeahNobody knows where you’re goin’Nobody cares where you’ve beenAnd if […]

In My Head

I’m obnoxious and no one’s homeIn My Head In My HeadCardboard boxes filled with hateIn My HeadThey’re In My HeadNest of termites, glowin’ red In My HeadThey’re In My Head Look behind the mask Try to find peace of mind And you’ll find Just look behind the man And lead me by the hand Faded […]


She’ll always be there trying to grab a holdShe thought she knew me, but she didn’t knowThat I was sad and wanted her to goParasite ladyParasite eyesParasite ladyNo need to cryI didn’t wanna have to get awayI told her things I didn’t want to sayI need her and I hope she’ll understandParasite ladyParasite eyesParasite ladyNo […]


Who cares, I’m in a trance, I got no hope, I don’t stand a chanceBut it’s all right, yes it’s all rightWho knows, well I don’t care, ’cause I don’t fit in anywhereBut it’s all right, yes it is all rightWell, I’m numb but that’s my style,I’ve been numb for a little whileAnd it’s all […]


Tell me what you want me to beI can’t stand myself anymoreTell me what you want me to seeI can’t find my way off the floorTook me like a hurricane I think it’s gonna Rain,yeah I think it’s gonna Rain Rain Down On Me Tell me what you want me to hearWhisper words inside of […]