That’s you with that bad ass Benz haThat’s you that can’t keep yo’ old ladycause you keep fuckin her friends haYou gotta go to court haYou got served a subpeona for child support haThat was that nerve haYou ain’t even much get a chance to say a word haI know i ain’t trippin don’t your […]

H.B. HeadBusta

[Juvenile]Get out the way now, hey.. get out the way now..Get out the way now, headbusters on the way now.. ahh, ahhGet out the way now, the headbusters on the way now.. mmmGet out the way.. get out the way now.. You wonder why I don’t smile and don’t make friendsor ki-ki with new niggaz; […]

Juvenile on Fire

[Juvenile]Lets say I’m in a room with a bitchAnd the hoe don’t wanna fuckLike a man I’ma beat my meatAnd get my fuckin nutFo’sho she gonna be drove thenAnd I’ma cut the TV offAnd got to sleep on that hoe thenNow tell that to your girlfriendYou tell her everything elseShe goin to be with her […]