Set It Off

[Juvenile]I’ma T.C. solja, New Orleans stunnaIf a bitch leave me, I’ma take every thing from herLeave while ya can, or ya mom will pick ya rum upI’ma find me some new pussy, and buy me a Four-RunnerI walk wit a limp, cuz my nuts heavyAnd I like it from tha back so hold your butt […]

400 degreez

(Robotic Voice) : 400 degreez Verse 1:Ya see me I eat sleep shit and talk rapYa seen that 98 mercedes on t.v. I bought thatI had some felony charges I fought thatBeen sent to no return but still was bought backNigga threw some slangs at me woodie I caught thatI punished them lil bitches before […]

4 Minutes

ft. Hot Boys [B.G.]You know we don’t drop hits, uh-uhWe drop classics nigga, uh-huhCash Money, c’mon, get at me nigga Nigga thuggin, is in my blood and my genesAll the niggaz I fuck with they bling blingBut yet it’s my block my hood my set niggaUptown is the spot where you get put to the […]

Ha (Jay-Z Remix)

[Jay-Z]Bounce, bounce, bounceJ-j-j-j-j-Juvenile and JiggaThe remix [Juvenile]You at the point of no return, haIf your daddy get out the way with you, you gon to let him learn, haLife’s a bitch, haNiggas be fakin but you ain’t givin em shit, haYou stealin the bricks, haYou got a wife and three kids, haBut you be fuckin […]

Ha (Hot Boy Remix)

[Juvenile]Hmm… You better run for it, run for it, run!Run for it, run for it, run!Run for it, run for it, run! You been known for fuckin it up, haThem bad-ass 20’s on your truck, ha, cost seven and up, haYou tryin’ to stay from out that place, haMake sure you got your money straight […]