Flossin Season

Man what’s up Playboy?I know you love these Diamonds (they beautiful ha)Nigga, "How You Luv That?"All that stuntin and frontinIt’s all about them diamonds boy [Baby]Nigga it’s a pretty day, and it’s flossin seasonAdded six tires to my new machinery Double R like to ball like it’s no tomorrow Pretty broads and we fuckin these […]

In Ya Ass

[Juvenile]Look I’m tryin to live right nowMake a better place for my kids right nowOr get out my face is how it is right nowAll I wanna have is my own shit right now..So much go through my head all dayThe game situation is be paid or playedI gotta eat the lottery is not for […]

Rich Niggaz

Why, why, whyWhy, why, whyWhy, whyCash Money, Rich NiggazLook [Lil’ Wayne]Loud pipes, big rimsNigga, that’s my lifeWhen I pull up at the club sorry that’s my nightI know a lot of haters probably sayin that that’s not rightWell, my diamonds so much biggerSo, that’s my lifeGleam, gleamNow, only carry big face and you hear the […]

In The Nolia

[Juvenile]Say BubbaI’m glad you, gave me the green lightso I can write some shit, for my hoodAnd talk about the shit I seeY’knahmsayin? I’ve been waitin for this chance to do thisand express my motherfuckin self, and still make fun at the shitY’all ready to do this? You might get flipped in the NoliaYou might […]

Set It Off (Radio Remix)

ft. Baby, Lil Wayne, Turk [Lil Wayne](Okay) Uh-huh (uh-huh) okay (mmhmm) uh-huh(Mmhmm) Street mix (street mix)(Uh-huh) Listen, listen, listen.. (Ladies and gentleman!)Okay I’m Weezy Wee the man and I reps it wellAnd it’s gon’ be Cash Money whether death or jailCatch me flossin in the hood, tryin to get at ya girlOr in a Porsche […]