[Pharrell:]Ladies and gentlemenIt’s my pleasure to introduce to youHe’s a friend of mine [Justin:]Yes, yes I am [Pharrell:]And he goes by the name…JustinWowoowoooo All the wayfrom Memphis, TennesseeAnd he’s got somethin’ special for y’all tonightHe’s gonna sing a song for y’allAbout this girl [Justin:]Come in right here? [Pharrell:]Yea, come on On that sunny dayDidn’t know […]

Rock Your Body

Don’t be so quick to walk awayDance with meI wanna rock your bodyPlease stayDance with meYou don’t have to admit you wanna playDance with meJust let me rock youTill the break of dayDance with meGot time, but I don’t mind Just wanna rock you girlI’ll have whatever you haveCome on, just give it up girlSee […]

Never Again

Would have given up my life for youGuess it’s true what they say about loveIt’s blindGirl, you lied straight to my faceLooking in my eyesAnd I believed you ’cause I loved you more than lifeAnd all you had to doWas apologize You didn’t say you’re sorryI don’t understandYou don’t care that you hurt meAnd now […]

Take It From Here

Sometimes, sometimes the world gets hard Oh na na naI’m gonna take it from here girlDon’t you worry I wanna be your lake, or your bayAnd any problems that you haveI wanna wash ’em awayI wanna be your skySo blue and highAnd everytime you think of meI wanna blow your mind I wanna be your […]

Nothin' Else

I was just walking that day aimlesslyYou picked the perfect day to bump into me (perfect day)Probably should have watched the stars in the sky the night beforeBut for some reason we still met at your storeYou baby Your eyes have a story that they wish to tellAnd I have my whole life and I […]