Here She Comes

Sorry baby – didn’t mean to do this to youSorry baby – didn’t mean to do this to you After a long night of lustingShorty came home while I was crushingI’m about to get bustedI’m rushingIt’s about to unfoldAnd I’m about to get thrown in the coldCause she be on some left-eye shitMight set my […]

Soon As I Get Paid

Gotta get that moneyGet that moneyGotta get that moneyGet that money… HmmYou’ve been working all dayJust to pay your rentWhen they give you your checkIts already spentAnd the credit collectors are stalking youEvery bill you have is overdue [1] – I’ve been working hard as hell for youTo show you things you’ve never knewDon’t have […]

Thank God I Found You

[Mariah]I would give up everythingBefore I’d separate myself from youAfter so much sufferingI’ve finally found a man that’s trueI was all by myself for the longest timeSo cold insideAnd the hurt from the heart it would not subsideI felt like dying Until you saved my life [Chorus – all]Thank God I found youI was lost […]

So Beautiful

You’re such a precious shorty.Girl, tonight I’m gonna take full control. I’ve been waiting for this moment with you,To play alone in my bedroom.Your touch has got me in the mood,Tonight I’m gonna do something to you.Open up, don’t be afraid, let me do what I wanna do.I complete me you in every way,I’ll send […]

She Used 2 Luv Me

I remember when we were so inseparableOur love was so unusualSo young and innocentI don’t know where it wentBut it’s gone, gone, gone, gone, gone Cause I believe There’s another man in lineIt’s killing meCause I thought I finally found my Mrs. RightPerfect yesterdaySoon it fade awayDisappear without a traceAnd I don’t know where she […]