If You Don’t, Don’t

What’s wrong baby, don’t they treat you like they should?Did you take ’em for it?Every penny that you could?We once walked out on the beach and once I almost touched your hand.Oh how I dreamed to finally say such things then only to pretend.Don’t you know I’m thinkin’, drivin’ 405 past midnight.You know I miss […]


A monster lives in your backyard.the 2×4’s are making their way around.the big get bigger when the fight’s done.i found that secret door.a man with a shovel’s gonna dig deep down to find out where it feeds.a house.a catalog full of nothing good.the white house ponders no remourse.the big get bigger when the fight’s done.i […]


The time I would spend with pictures I would not sendI watched you go from left to rightI follow you all night across my blindsI’m making my peace making it with distancemaybe that’s a big mistakeyou know I’m thinking of youI miss youYou’ll change your mind come monday and turn your back on metake your […]

Get It Faster

I don’t care what you do.I’m getting out , no nothing ever shames me.Don’t wanna thing from youI’m going out, I don’t care if you’re angry.I’m getting out, no nothing ever shames me.I’m going out, I don’t care if you’re angry.I should’ve thought things through.I’m holding out, but not getting an answer.I wanna do right […]