City of Industry

Airbourne, my thoughts shrouded by cloudformthe line ravaged in the wake of this groundwarthe quint-essential outlaweye of the storm my tears fall in the torrential downpourthe flood, ya deathwish written in bloodi came in from the cold clothes dripping with mudgripping the club, primitive a stig in the dumpswinging a punch, the bad seed pick […]


I bleed liquid gold and slur speech in a cryptic codemy feet slipping on this twisted roadonly the mystic knows the lone figure in the distanceno bigger than the sum of his enscriptionsor the extent of his convictionI’ll sip vitamin enriched liquid dictionand digest fiction for culture, i force fed code the monstermy head and […]


I exist in a state of consistant transitionplans shifting, with insuffitient ambitionman listen, this is my advicedie or fight, get caged in or take flighton the page inside the margin i make lightappear in the form of the words i writeits all solar, from the lows to highsbut your blinded by the wool pulled over […]


Yo, in the war game of my lifespan i strive for ammunitionthe light stands bright and i cant quite envision, my thoughts toits old skool transitionliving with indivision, my right hand man missing in actionrewritten captions for snapshots that capture the wars and poor house in block backdropsindecision head rap without raprocksjunkietax money broken back […]

Carpe Diem

(in the place) Calculate the maps, navigate the mapstravel through the minds eyes make the tape relaxfind time and create the space to make trackscelebrate the fact, that we escaped the traps layed to catchthe subconscious mind decieve mankind and leave the third eye blindbut my insight can not be impaired, im visually awarealthough initially […]