Guts on The Ceiling

Oh, you’ll never guess what’s up My mucking head blew up My chins in an old man’s backyard I gotta sneak threw his yard To find the fothermucker And he’s gotta pitbull dog And it’s sitting on my chin like a frog on a log I throw a bone to try to distract Cuz I’m […]

Just Like That

Jump outta bed, and I head for the grapenuts, Eat ’em quick, or they soggy, and that sucks, Try to find a clean pair of socks, and a shirt, Still sport the same drawers, even though they hurt. In the fridge there’s a faygo, it tastes ill, Cuz it’s fatter that a bitch on a […]

How Many Times

(chorus:) How many times will I ask myself why, how many times? How many times will I ask myself why, how many times will I cry? (end chorus) (chorus) How many times will you honk your horn and say fuck you? Now what the fuck does that do? Ya feel better now? I didn’t let […]


It was a soft gentle nightIn the little town of, of, well, your townThe gentle breeze swept the streetsCreating that pleasant howl that these kind town folksHave enjoyed for so many, many yearsThe wind chimes sent their peaceful melodiesInto the ears of the sleepy residentsBut the unusual was approaching in the distanceSomething evil was heading […]


"Pumpkin, put some music on, I feel like dancin’." "Hold on, suga, I’m fixin’ to right now 3,6,4 awright, now come over here, woman, let’s get this shindig started, woo! C’mon, everybody! Now what in the hell is wrong with this juke machine?" "Be warned, my children six will visit followed by the crumbling of […]