No One Knew

Don’t be afraid he saidWhen he took his handSlowly drove him mad whenHe filled his head with sand No one knewNot even mother dearShe just cleaned her shelvesHer mind was struck with fear Several years went by butNothing changed at allOnce I thought I heard the boy cryThought he took a fall but no No […]

Requiem II

It’s been so long since I’ve triedTo get up and out of my headIt’s too dark out there I try not to breathe or make a soundOr move it allI’m too scaredNo hope at all I’m dying, dyingI’m dying, dying Everybody saysIt’s just a phaseBut it’s been damn longIt’s been damn long What will it […]


You called up lateSaid you wanted to talkI was afraidCause you spoke so softly You took my handSlowly started to cryI can’t understandWhy our season went by Why do leaves fall down from the skyIs the tree not strong enough You turned awaySlowly opened the doorSaid you could not stayYou couldn’t take it no more […]


Sometimes things don’t turn outLike you want them toTry to find your wayGive yourself away She chose not to be hereShe chose life insteadTried to find her wayTook my heart away At night I lay awakePretend that you’re right hereBut when the new day breaksI know you’ll disappear And it feels like I’ve been here […]


You always sayThat your life’s been thrown awayThat’s why you turn to a man upstairsAnd pray he’ll save you everyday Don’t come around no moreSave your soul in the eyes of the lordDon’t come around no moreSave your soul in the eyes of the lord Long years go byAs you still sit to wonder whyYour […]