I’m Down

What the hell do you know, you sayAs you turn your face right back to meWhat the hell do you know, you sayLike some righteous man better than meWell, I’m down, and you’re killing meAnd I’m down, but still you mean nothing to meWhat the hell do you know, you sayAs you try to shrink […]


My little story’sgrowing way too longi’ve had to sufferenough to write this songand if i get the chancei’ll tell you how it feelscause in this sick old headthe pain is way to realso i fall downi don’t knowif i can make it up this time I know i want to but it getsharder every timeand […]


Well after today I’ll never see youand you’ll be left with your lifeCollecting all your souvenirsI’ll never get it right Empty man hollow manI call myself a hermitMy self esteem contingent onthe way you look at me I’m hanging on your wordsyeah I’m readingall your thoughtsIf only I could be you nowcause you got the […]

Is She Really Going Out With Him?

Pretty women out walking with gorillas down my streetFrom my window I’m staring while my coffee grows coldLook over there! Where?There’s a lady that I used to knowShe’s married now or engaged or somethingso I am told Is she really going out with him?Is she really gonna take him home tonight?Is she really going out […]