Man In The Suitcase

I’d invite you back to my placeI know its mine because it holds my suitcaseIt looks home to me all rightBut it’s a hundred miles from yesterday night Must I be the man in a suitcaseIs it me, the man with the stranger’s faceMust I be the man in a suitcase Another key for my […]

99 Red Balloons

You and I in a little toy shopbuy a bag of balloons with the money we’ve gotSet them free at the break of dawn‘Til one by one, they were goneBack at base, bugs in the softwareFlash the message, "Something’s out there"Floating in the summer sky99 red balloons go by. 99 red balloons floating in the […]

If Only

If only I was tallerIf I had a million dollarsmaybe then you’d be with me If only I was eighteenand had the courageof the A-Teammaybe then you’d be with me But for now I’ll have to dreamabout your smile ’cause you’re nothere and all I want to say isthat I really miss you If I […]

Get Away

Get Away You ask me how I stay the sameAfter I’d seen everythingCould be the company I keepYou say I’ve got something you needBut what I have I just can’t sell yaCause my experience runs deepYou wanna be a brave manBut you just can’t face your fearYou only know what you can do You say […]

Carry On

Words they echo in my mindFeelings that slow down the timeI don’t know if I’m forwards or behind Eyes are staring out at meAnd people all surrounding meAll the hands upon me – now I’m lost I only wish that you were herewith you fear seems to disappearIf only I could take back how I […]