You got some question about your lifeYou don’t know how you’ll ever make it throughIt hurts so bad but it’s all you gotYou’re asking me for helpbut all I got to say now is thatYou don’t know what pain isYou haven’t suffered one iotaso just stop your whiningyou don’t know what pain is Stop complaining […]

Pick A Fight

I can’t be happy without youYou can’t be happy without meStill you always wanna pick a fight nowYou say it’s written in the starsSome psychic read it in my cardsStill you always wanna pick a fight with me You say that I’m the only oneThe one you’re looking forTry and keep a straight face when […]

Don't Say Goodbye

I know the way that I have picked apart at youAnd i know the way that I’ve had less importance too.Lets try to find a way that we can work it out.Don’t say what I cant bear to hear. Don’t say goodbye yeah yeahJust one more try yeah yeah I know the way my insecurities […]

King For A Day

Runnin’ twice as fast I seeyou’re getting sick againyou’re runnin’ faster all the timeIf i could I’ll take it awayyou know I would Making plans to rule the world wooospread yourself way too thin wooowishing that you were kingi killing you…deniyng that you’re just a man wooojust makes you tire out woooyou’ve got to slow […]

Nite Klub

Is this the in place to be?What am I doing here?Watching the girls go bySpending money on… Sleep all dayIt’s the only wayI’m a parasiteI creep about at night Night club, is this the in place to be?Night club, what am I doing here?Night club, watching the girls go bySpending money on… Hey, hey, I […]