I Need To Know

I run away cause I’mscared that you might leavethere’s nothing wrongbut that’s not what I believejust tell me it’s alrightand tell me I’m okayand tell me that you’restaying here tonight I feel stupid sayingwords you’ve heard beforethe way I feel todayis all I know for sureand if I scare youI’m only scaring meI’ve got so […]


i searched for a causei climbed the highest mountaini walked to the topi stopped and then looked downbut when i stop the searchthe answers always comeand when i help someonei always help myself by helping—chorus—you tell me where your skeleton’s hidingtell me all and i’ll tell youyou think you have a real good fucking answera […]


Here I am alone againIt seems like you’re never thereI told myself so many timesI’d make it on my own So here I am without youHere I am alone All I want is a picture for me to look atAnd all I need, for me to look at you when you’re not there I’m lost […]

Feel Like Makin Love

Baby, when I think about youI think about loveDarlin, gonna live without youAnd your loveIf I had those golden dreams of my yesterdayI would wrap youIn the heavensAnd feel it dying dying dying all the way well i feel like makin Feel like makin loveFeel like makin loveFeel like makin loveI feel like makin love […]

Counting The Days

So here I go and there you went…againJust another stupid thing that I done wrong.Locked up in my head, knocked down, beaten, left for deadWith all those brilliant things I should have said.I gotta get away, and find something to do‘Cause everything I hear, everything I see, reminds me of you. Still counting the days […]