Just Like Heaven

Show me, show me, show meHow you do that trick"The one that makes me scream," she said"The one that makes me laugh," she saidAnd threw her arms around my neckShow me how you do itAnd I promise you, I promise thatI’ll run away with youI’ll run away with you Spinning on that dizzy edgeI kissed […]


So you’re just barely getting bynot hurting no oneSometimes you think that you’re alrightsometimes you have funBut on the way someone confronts youand tries to shut you upYou’re having trouble at your homeyou want to get outBut you’ve got nowhere else to goYou gotta get out But on the way someone confronts you andtries to […]

My Head

Where are you nowI want to talk to youI’m sitting here alonewaiting by the phone Where are you nowI want to talk to youif only you were homeI wouldn’t be aloneI wait for you Where are you noware you just toying with medo you need me to playall your high school games Where are you […]

My Girlfriend's Shower Sucks

The temperature changesit chills me to the boneit makes me wish that I wascleaning myself at homeit makes me grumpy andsometimes i lose hopethe waters hard, so i cannever rinse the soapand it’s got no pressurethe water dribbles down on meand it’s got no pressureit’s like the showers going to pee


Mable I met her Sunday, that was yesterdayThe girl I knew from 1990Her eyes are hazel, her name is MableI kissed her once and now I’m able to Walk a mile, crack a smileShe makes me want to kiss all the Chorus Babies, hug the puppy dogsShe makes me feel like a momSmell the flowers […]