Can’t Stay Away From You

Time flies When you’re having funI heard somebody sayBut if all I’ve been is fun Then baby let me go Don’t wanna be in your wayAnd I don’t wanna be your second choiceDon’t wanna be just your friendYou keep telling me that you’re not in loveYou wanna throw it all away But I can’t stay […]

Here We Are

Here we are Face to faceWe forget, time and placeHold me nowDon’t let go Though it hurts and we both knowThe time we spent together’s gonna fly And everything you do to me Is gonna feel so rightBaby when you’re loving me I feel like I could cry ‘Cause there’s nothing I can do To […]

Ay, Ay, I

I try hard to resist you Pretend that you’re not thereI haven’t even kissed youBut don’t think that I won’t dare‘Cause you get to me baby Like no one ever couldWhy don’t you come and save meDon’t tease me like you doNo No No NoAy ay I can’t do without you AY aY I can’t […]

Anything For You

Anything for you Though you’re not hereSince you said we’re through It seems like years Time keeps dragging on and onAnd forever’s been and goneStill I can’t figure what went wrong I’d still do anything for youI’ll play your gameYou hurt me through and throughBut you can have your way I can pretend each time […]

Nothin' New

Why is nothing ever new for longAnd things go wrong in timeHow come love is never new for long We feel a change insideThings no longer feel the way they didPeople never care the way they didLovers never love the way they did We’ve got to make it lastGot to fan the spark People know […]