Lonely Daze

Oh Oh….Can We Try…Oh… Chorus (2x)Can we try to make up for the Lonely daze?I love you baby come what mayTonight I’m gonna make you stay Listen….Sit back relax your mind your dinner is waitingThe more I see you girl my heart beat is pacingNew lovers mentally we knew what we were thinkingNo waiting all […]

Ginuwine 4 UR Mind

*Chorus* I’m gonna make it happen Ginuwine 4 Ur Mind x3 I’m gonna make it happen Ginuwine one time I wanted to tell you how I feel So you can know the real deal I want me a lady So I can carry on cuz my love is strong Run deeper than the water’s deep […]


I’d have to be strongStronger than a mountain babyTo not crumble at the touch of your hand, of your handI’d have to stop timeTo stop this love inside me babyTo not reach each night for youTo not need you like I do I’d have to be super humanMade out of stone, made out of steelTo […]

She’s Out Of My Life

[Ginuwine (Talking:Whispering):]After all we’ve done and after all we’ve been through, How could you leave me?She’s out of my life [1st Verse (Singing):]She’s out of my life, She’s out of my lifeAnd I don’t know whether to laugh or cryI don’t know whether to live or dieAnd it cuts like a knife, she’s out of […]

G Thang

Come here shorty, hey Girl you’re lookin’ fine I heard your searchin’ for a real love And I’m really Ginuwine I come to move your body, hey Keep it jumpin’ like a party, hey Come on everybody were gonna do it my way *Chorus* It’s a G thang, hey Came to party till the break […]