Cowboys and angels

When your heart’s in someone else’s handsMonkey see and monkey doTheir wish is your commandYou’re not to blameEveryone’s the same All you do is love and love is all you doI should know by now the way I fought for youYou’re not to blameEveryone’s the same I know you think that you’re safeMisterHarmless deceptionThat keeps […]

A moment with you

(You can’t keep holding it in when it’s something good) Hey this won’t take much timeWe won’t touch, we’ll just wait for signsAnd nothing was further from my mindThan this moment with you But if you’d only told me babyI would have made some other plansIf I’d only seen it soonerBut what away with your […]

A different corner

I’d say love was a magical thingI’d say love would keep us from painHad I been thereHad I been thereI would promise you all of my lifeBut to lose you would cut like a knifeSo I don’t dareNo I don’t dare ‘Cause I’ve never come closeIn all of these yearsYou are the only one to […]