Nobody Loves You

Watching the days slip by so fastKnowing our fate has long been castWorking our fingers to the boneCause nobody loves you when you’re gone, gone, gone, gone Coughing up feeling just for youTo find something real to hold on toBut there is a hole inside my heartWhere all of my love comes pouring out You […]


i’m living without you,i know all about youi have run you down into the groundspread disease about you over towni used to adore youi couldn’t control youthere was nothing that i wouldn’t doto keep myself around and close to youdo you have an opinion?a mind of your own?i though you were speciali though you should […]

Kick My Ass

I’m so sorry, you had to kick my assYou said I ruined your lifeI didn’t mean to do that I had to untangle where we were intwinedYou were strangling meWere you breathing so fine The jam I was in when things weren’t working outLed me to the brunt of your swinging bout I’m so sorry, […]

Hammering In My Head

i’m stressed but yiu’re freestylei’m overworked but im undersexedimust be made of concretei sign my name across your chestgive out the same old answersi trot them out for the relativescompany tried and tested, i use the one that i love the bestlike an animal you’removing over melike an animal you’re moving over mewhen did i […]


Burn down all your idolsDestroy your idolsCreate a sceneThere goes all your reasonIt’s helter skelterIt’s not a dream Come down from the altarRemove your blindfoldWhat do you seeNothing left to do hereThere’s nothing new hereIt’s all the same You’re going down, down, downHow low can you go?You’re going down, down, downHow low can you go?You’re […]