I am milkI am Red Hot KitchenAnd I am coolCool as the deep blue ocean I am lostSo I am cruelBut I’d be love and sweetnessIf I had you I’m waiting, I’m waiting for youI’m waiting, I’m waiting for you I am weakBut I am strongI can use my tears toBring you home I’m waiting, […]

My Lover’s Box

My lover’s charmsAre in a boxBeneath my bedAnd piece by pieceI’ll cherish themUntil the end Send me an angel to loveI need to feel a little piece of heavenSend me an angel to loveI’m afraid I’ll never get to heaven They burn my handsScar my faceAnd blind my eyesI steal your breathAnd throw awayWhat I […]


Center on the wide horizon.Focus on the galaxy.Sweep away your expectations.And recognise your enemies. But here you’re talking to yourself,You’re stripping off for someone else.You’ve got to learn to love yourself,It’s all that counts; there’s little else. You’re always looking for affectionAnd all its possibilities.Your sense of searching for attention,Emerging need of gravity. I think […]

13 X Forever

Thirteen times you fucked with my karma.And thirteen times I fucked up your dogma.You’ve taught me to hate.You’ve taught me to crawl. You raised your hand as you raised the bottle.You knock me down, but it made me stronger.The harder you hit,The harder you fall. And this one’s for my mother,What will I do without […]