Bring the Boys Home

Fathers are pleading, lovers are all aloneMothers are prayin’, send our sons back home (tell ’em ’bout it)You marched them away, yes you did now, on ships and planesTo the senseless war facing death in vain Bring the boys home (bring ’em back alive)Bring the boys home (bring ’em back alive)Bring the boys home (bring […]

Band of Gold

Now that you’re gone,All that’s left is a band of goldAll that’s left of the dreams I holdIs a band of goldAnd the memories of what love could beIf you were still here with me You took me from the shelter of my motherI had never known or loved any otherWe kissed after taking vowsBut […]

Now Is the Time to Say Goodbye

Now, the time has comeFor us to say goodbyeWhen you walk away, keep on goin’Don’t look back to watch and see me cry‘Cause then, you wouldn’t wanna leaveAnd you’d only feel sorry for meAnd that would hurt even more So, hurry, be on your wayDon’t worry ’bout me, I’ll be alrightIn this cold world, I’ll […]

Rock Me in the Cradle

CHORUS:Come on and rock me in the cradleOf your loving arms one more timeCome on and shake me in the cradleOf your loving arms one more time Here wrapped in your arms I’d love to stayBut he won’t set me freeI feel that it’s best for us to break up‘Cause he’ll never let us be […]

Come See About Me

Are you ever ever gonna returnTo ease the fire that within me burns?Keeps me cryin’, baby, for you,Keeps me sighin’, baby, for you So, won’t you hurry? (hurry)Come on, boy (come on), see about me(Come on, come on) (Come see about me) Hey (See about me tonight)See about your baby(Come on, come on) (Come see […]