Whoa, whoaWhat the plurrr is this, YO! They say I’m 730, say I spaz outFB is ill, she’ll wild outCan y’all feel my pain?I can’t let it slideHow could I smile when I’m hurtin’ so bad inside? Yo how can we start thisMy life is thorough never heartlessI laid it down from the Gate to […]


[Young Gavin]Through this hard times, the negativity, the jealousy [Foxy]Yo Carolina Blue six – hottest bitch on the blockUsed to Willie Ducatti, Saco, Prada kickHigh school, got signed wrote them platti hitsTito was the same shit, got a platti wristThey say I’m stoosh cause I cover my bushIn that Dolce Gabbana, I’m a hot little […]