Oh Yeah

I’m the most critically acclaimed, rap bitch in the gameCoast to coast, stash the gat in holster girlDark skinned, Christian Dior poster girlMo’ rockin Timbs bitch and the Gucci loafers girlNiggaz say I’m too pretty to spit rhymes this grittyFuck y’all thought? Be dancin around in suits like I’m {Diddy}Pretty, show niggaz how we run […]

Run Yo Shit

[Noreaga]Eww!What the fuck is this?(What is that?)This is outrageousThat’s some Mario Brothers shitI come to the studio drunk alreadyThat’s how I does itThat’s how I does it nigga(It’s nothing!)We got your back FoxFuck these bullshit niggasThese bullshit bitches(They GI Joe figgas)They don’t really want beef, STRAIGHT UP Ugh Fox Brown shit, CNN shitThat Brooklyn shit, […]

Na Na Be Like

Trini.. yeah yes, Pretty Boy(99 Def Jam) I said itFuck y’all bitches want, whoaI’ma stay poppin shitAnybody want it? Come see me, what?Fame.. yagga.. [Foxy Brown]I flows sicker like, tote quicker likeNa Na pop shit like spit hot shitBitches love to gossip, catch me in my crop shit likeI spit flame bitch fuck’s my name? […]

Run Dem

[Foxy] Whoa[Cham] A wha de blood claat dem fool dem [Foxy Brown]Who the fuck told bitches they could do what I doAnd all of a sudden all y’all bitches got accents tooBad gyal, bitches can’t do the shit that I doSometime a gal figure it cool – hoo hoo hoo hoo; whoaI tell a motherfucker […]

Hood Scriptures

[Foxy Brown]HEY, you’re ’bout to hear the most incredible shit ever writtenHard spittin’, cigar splittin’PRAY, to your god and to them words in the Biblical scripturesCritical bitch must, flow to the shit that just fit herRODE, with the best auto that money can buy meThe best damn mami, Def Jam signed meHOES, you know they’ll […]