He floatsFloats awayOn the groundHe comes back downShe floatsFloats awayOn the groundShe comes back downThey floatFloat awayOn the groundThey come back downWe floatFloat awayOn the groundWe come back downThat’s not as big asWhat’s flown around here

New Way Home

Have you found your way around the down and out?I know it must seem long, so longI’m still trying to keep this time from running outHead down, always moving on and on and on I never heard this warningAnother early morning takes me, wakes me intoIf you could manage meI’ll try to manage youBut lately […]

My Poor Brain

Real life is so hardWe hide in the starsThat’s where our heads areMy head and your heart CHORUSThis a black outDon’t let it go to wasteThis is a black outI want to detonate When you are so farI’m falling apartLose all my sonarYou jam my radar CHORUS Sometimes I feel like getting stuckBetween the handshake […]

Ain't It The Life

Dear HaleyCan you save me from the borrowed cloud I’m onAll you gotta do is tryPray you’re just getting byHey wait I thought you’d made itHow’d your bottled crown fall offTell me how’d you get so tiredFaded down to the wireTry living a lie and kicking out the same old guiseWasting timeSo very ordinaryWait until […]


Lately I’m getting betterWish I could stay sick with youBut there’s too many egos left to bruiseCall it sin, you can call it whateverEating deep inside of youWell if it were me, it’s all I’d ever doSteal me now and foreverI’ll steal something good for youThe criminal in me is no one newTill you find […]