Learn To Fly

Run and tell all of the angelsThis could take all nightThink I need a devil to help me get things rightHook me up a new revolutionCause this one is a lieWe sat around laughing and watched the last one dieI’m looking to the sky to save meLooking for a sign of lifeLooking for something to […]

Monkey Wrench

what have we done with innocenceit disappeared with time and never made much senseadolescent residentwasting another night on planning my revenge one in ten, one in ten, one in tendon’t wanna be your monkey wrenchone more indecent accidentI’d rather leave then suffer thisI’ll never be your monkey wrench Always time to make amendswhat do you […]

Stacked Actors

Oh mirror mirror, you’re coming in clearI’m finally somewhere in betweenI’m impressed, what a beautiful chestI never meant to make a big sceneWill you resign to the latest designYou look so messy when you dress up in dreamsOne more for hire, a wonderful liarI think it’s time we all should come cleanStack dead actors, stacked […]

February Stars

I’m hanging onHere until I’m goneI’m right where I belongJust hanging on Even thoughI watched you come and goHow was I to knowYou’d steal the show? One day I’ll have enough to gambleI’ll wait to hear your final callAnd bet it all I’m hanging onHere until I’m goneI’m right where I belongJust hanging on Even […]

Live-In Skin

Take your payrollAnd your lotteryThere’s a place I knowThere’s a robberyAnd I swear I’ll never tellIf you swear you’ll never tellAnd we’ll all make out so wellWe will all make out so wellHead on with my hateInto the lights aheadI’m amazed that I’m still standingAnd I demand that we all blend inI’m amountedJust the same […]