Have It All

You’re my size I need to try you onSomeone in between the right and wrongThrough everything you kept your wings apartThrough everything you scared the sinnersAnd when I’ve had enough She drains meWhen I’m emptyShe helps herselfShe takes it allIn too deepShe’s spilling over meIn too deep She’s spilling over meDon’t wanna hear Running through […]


You believe there’s something elseTo relieve your emptinessAnd you dream about yourselfAnd you bleed and breathe the airAnd it’s on and on and on and onI just kinda died for youYou just kinda stared at meWe will always have the chanceWe can do this one more timeHell yeah, I remember auroraHell yeah, I remember auroraAll […]


You make me dizzy running circles in my headOne of these days I’ll chase you downWell look who’s going crazy nowWe’re face to face my friendBetter get outBetter get outYou know you make me break outMake me break outI don’t want to look like thatI don’t want to look like thatYou know you make me […]


Tie up the transmission this one is not a testSilent all these years but now I’m getting you off my chestReeling in the moment, I know it will never lastTired of keepin quiet, riding with all the rest Stuck in the middle no-ones making a moveI’m looking in and I’ve got nothing to lose I […]


Call and I’ll answer at home in the lost and foundYou say that I’m much too proudSomeone who’s taking pleasure in breaking downNevermind the mannequins, drunk in their hollow townDrinking their spoils down, cheap imitationsThe revelation is nowYou wont find me I’m going MIATonight I’m leaving going MIAGetting lost in you again is better than […]