Big Me

when I talk about itit carries onreasons only knewwhen I talk about itaries or treasonsall renew big me to talk about itI could stand to proveif we can get around itI know that it’s true when I talked about itcarried onreasons only knew but it’s you I fell into well I talked about itput it […]

Gimme Stitches

I can be your right of waySo we can get out of hereI’ll always be the one who runs from everyoneCause everyone’s just too weirdSink with someone tied to meI’m making you volunteerAnother one has come and goneThey crawl along, make them disappearDress me up in stitches it’s now or neverTired of wearing black and […]

I'll Stick Around

I thought I knew all it took to bother youEvery word I said was true; that you’ll seeHow could it be I’m the only one who seesYour rehearsed insanity Yeah I still refused all the methods you’ve abusedIts alright if you’re confused; let me beI’ve been around all the pawns you’ve gagged and boundThey’ll come […]

My Hero

Too alarming now to talk aboutTake your pictures down and shake it outTruth or consequence, say it aloudUse that evidence, race it around There goes my heroWatch him as he goesThere goes my heroHe’s ordinary Don’t the best of them bleed it outWhile the rest of them peter outTruth or consequence, say it aloudUse that […]

See You

These notes are marked "return to sender"I’ll save this letter for myselfI wish you only knew CHORUSHow good it is to see youSee you, see youOoooo These steps I take don’t get me anywhereI’m getting further from myselfOne thing is always true CHORUS I’m done resenting youYou represented me so wellAnd this I promise youHow […]