(rap)Yo, I’ve got a little story that I’d like to address…to individuals, Gotta get it off of my chest.It ain’t about who’s the best,Of Five being better than the next.We’re just a little different from the rest.Cos see we got each other, When things go down,And time is just too important to be messin around.So […]

On The Top Of The World

Come on!Got up outta bed today, I was feelin’ on top, yeahLooking forward to a brighter day with the good things I gotThere was never any time for me to rest or to play, noBut I wanna get on up and change the world todayCHORUSI feel on top (yeah) on top of the worldDon’t wanna […]


I gotta fins a way, to fine a better day, without youAnd thoughts are hard to say, I miss you everydayNow you’re not here with me I never thought that you would leave meOoh, I know the time will make it easyBaby And you’ll never know how much I’m missing youAnd all of the things […]

Rock The Party

(C’mon) My time to burn so sit back and checkThe way I come through in the discothequeI know you like what I got, my style, DJ originalSeventees dancefloor hot new materialMade me down then you waitCome on in, yes yes, on the doorYou class too freshAs longs as they’re female and got a fit assProposision […]


All I gotta do, is get it through to youYou take my hand and let me lead you awaySame old words again, he was just a friendThat’s what you told me, but you’re my one and only If I tell you something now, I ask myself just howYou came into my world, gotta keep on […]