Your conniving wordsAre childishly insaneTo get what you wantYou’ll say anythingIn your mindYou lust to control meYou lustFor control Chorus: Mold me, fold meMold me, fold me My pain is your pleasureMy agony excites youDesperate for a changeBut change comes withinI’m not stayingNot around youI’m stronger than you thinkMuch stronger than you Repeat Chorus Molding […]

Acres Of Skin

Walk through the ashes of man Skin like fields on fire Pain is only a weakness Death is just an escape We are connected like tissue Feed on the shame you’ve raised Why continue the harvest? We are already dead No one can reap these scars we’ve sown There is no morning sun No falling […]

Suffer Age

Compressed youthful voicesSuffer ageBelow John’s floorsSpoilageLingering deathGagging your fearsDead in horrorGrizzly facial stare Unbelievable atrocityHateful monstrosityDraining scientific mindsPathological deedsCreatorExecutionorHeresyGod’s vision destroyed Sinister jokerChildhood dreamsLaughing corruption Compressed youthful voicesSuffer ageBelow John’s floorsSpoilage


You that I despiseRepentance of sortsDeath comes naturallyNot from a hated warRepentanceRepentance of faithRepentance of hopeRepentance of hate Chorus:Not my warSoldiers marching onNot my warSoldiers marching on On your feet! Crisis at handOn your feet soldier! Crisis at handOn your feet soldier! On your feet motherfucker! Repeat Chorus CrisisCrisisCrisis Repeat Chorus CrisisCrisisCrisisCrisis


Consequences that had left me for dead Repercussions that went straight to your head Trusting in no one Believing in nothing Living in a world of pure deception So far this life is contemptuous This mind, a gun, so relentless Damn! I am damaged for life! Damn! Like I’ve been crucified! Damn! I am damaged […]